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Solar systems are permitted as per local city building codes and inspected by City and Electric companies prior to being turned on.
Systems must conforrm with Federal guidelines to qualify for IRS Tax Credit.

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Please ask your representative for our latest solar panels, racks and inverter offerings:

solar photovoltaic panels

Panasonic 330W Module BLK/WHT

solar panels

LG 335W NEON 2 BLK/WHT Module

LG 365W NEON R Back Contact BLK/WHT Module

66.93 x 40 x 1.57 in

7.7kW SMA Sunny Boy Inverter SB7.7-1SP-US-40

solar electric

Roof Mount, Ground Mount and Awning Mount

solar panels
solar electricity
solar panels
solar power
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Green Home Builders vs. Competition

PLEASE NOTE: Solar hot water, solar pool systems and solar spas are undergoing evaluation and might not be available at this time. please check with us. Thank you!

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